Fall fly fishing in Tampa Bay is getting hot!!

With the temps dropping we are finally starting to see some fall conditions and we are getting some great days on the water during this transitional period. Jack are showing up along the  beaches in huge schools and are ready and willing to take whatever you throw at them. Redfish are becoming more active and will begin grouping up on the shallow flats searching for food making them prime sight fishing targets. Redfish are a year round species in our area but my favorite time to fish for them is fall/winter. Snook can be found cruising the mangrove edges and hanging out around creek mouths getting ready to move to their winter time haunts. This is a great time to pursue them with a fly rod. Night time fly fishing has been great and should continue into the winter. The past few trips my clients have all hooked and landed snook, redfish, trout, and tarpon. This is a very productive time of year to fish the Tampa Bay area.

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Capt Brian Jill